Estudio De Caso


Currently, some countries in Europe have started to implement the norms for compliance with hygiene requirements that will be mandatory in the entire world in the future. In accordance with the standards and requirements established by the Federal Environmental Agency in Germany; all compliance conditions such as hygienic requirements for materials in touch with potable water and hygienic requirements and assessment criteria for drinking, tap and process waters are clearly described. Inolife Teknoloji UV disinfection systems are designed in accordance with the needs in many different application fields such as hospitals in Germany, car wash facilities (Mercedes, Porsche, VW), German research vessel (Sonne) and poultry farms and tested and proven to be systems that provide clear benefits in terms of technical efficiency and economic productivity. Also, it has proven its disinfection performance even in cloudy waters and it was observed that it can microbiologically eliminate water from microorganisms at 99,99% ratio.