Grupo de Productos DW120 - Desinfección por Ultravioletas

Hygienic and Clear Process Water

Inolife Teknoloji’s disinfection process thanks to the developed technology, which have fungi and bacteria inthe water, particularly microorganisms such as Legionella and Pseudomonas can be eliminated radically during flow and recirculating. Water can be disinfected even the water with high turbidity and minimum energy consumption with patented technology by using UV light and ultrasonic systems without using any chemical substances.

Effective Solution For Water Disinfection

Water is the most effective method still, when it comes to the subject cleanliness. The washing of vehicles in the automotive industry need to focus on the quality of water is one of the most sensitive point. All pipeline systems of the car washing units provide a natural habitat for unwanted microorganisms. Various water treatment methods (such as ozone, heating etc.) for eliminate of unwanted microorganisms were tested, unfortunately the water could not purified from these microorganisms according to research studies.

Provide and maintain the required hygiene standards consists of a very complex and expensive process. Different processes applied to the flushing water is decontaminated from the particles and oil residue, even though it is difficult to obtain reliable and hygienic water.

In the future, the hygiene norms of prevention against the health hazards will be increased for employees and operating personnels. According to one of the currently existing norms ÖNORM B5107, which covers only Europe, contains the hygienic requirements and assessment criteria of process water for car washing systems.

Inolife AquaLight DW120 series disinfection system is designed customized solutions for our client on the basis of projects and has been proven its performance.