DW50 Product Line-UV Disinfection Systems

Inolife is ready to assist you with a solution that meets exact needs. Wastewater reusing is new trend in order to need for new water sources. Additionally, industrial water treatment is required to get high standart quality water. Inolife have worked for different industries to provide the right  solution for each applications.

Inolife AquaLight DW50 UV disinfection series are designed  energy-efficient UV solution  for the disinfection of drinking water, process water and other liquids which have high turbidty. Our disinfection system is utilizied many outstanding company in Europe. Inolife disinfection systems performance is proved by laboratory that more than 99,99% of all pathogens can be rendered ineffective such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E.coli, Salmonella typhii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, rotavirus.Disinfected liquids (water) have no unpleasent taste or odour. Uv treatment is a kind of physical disinfection methods, water and other liquids are disinfected without using additional chemicals and thus UV does not cause to forming by-products such as THM-Trihalomethans, haloacetanitriles, chlorite, chlorate and Haloacetic acids. Uv technology is more safer method for your employees, your society and environment. UV disinfection is contributed of handling of hazardous chemicals and keeping your treatment plant safely. UV solution leads to higher efficiency and operational safety.

Inolife AquaLight DW10 series compact UV units designed to treat flow rate of 6 to 45 m3/hour for using municipal and industrial drinking water disinfection applications. AquaLight UV systems can design various sizes according to customer’s need. Units have high output-low pressure amalgam lamps and ballasts. Ultrasound system is enhanced of UV disinfection performance. Ultrasound system is also supported cleaning system. An automatic cleaning system keeps the sleeves clean and thus UV lamps life guarentee are extended 12000 hours.

The high-output low pressure amalgam lamps are used in the units in order to minimize capital and operating costs. Compact chamber and integrated fan is controlled of the temperature increasing in the system in order to enhance performance. AquaLight’s series of innovative UV treatment systems are tested and patented by institutes in Germany and Turkey.