Inolife UV Disinfection Systems

Water can be disinfected many different techniques including traditional process such as physical, chemical etc. All the methods are described as inactivating of microbes to obtain safe potable water. Traditionally, UV disinfectionis a kind of physical method to treat of the water. Inolife Technology has developed well-designed disinfection systems which is combined ultrasonic and UV technology. This alternative disinfection technique presents much better performance than traditional techniques. Alternative technology is used together for water disinfection and is increased effect of light. The use of ultrasound leads to acoustic cavitation which can be described as the formation, growth and collapse of microbubbles in milliseconds. When the microbubbles collapse, very high temperature and pressure is generated. Thereby, cavitation causes inactivation of microorganisms. Additionally, cooling system is improved to benefit power of the lamps optimally. The performance of the system does not decrease when the temeprature raising on the contrary traditional methods. Integrated self-cleaning system is operated automatically. 

UV disinfection of drinking water offers many unique and significant advantages. UV does not add any chemicals to the drinking water and nor occuring by-products. Inolife Technology offers advanced disinfection systems for different purposes such as eliminating pathogens in the waste water, disinfecting public drinking water or treating process water for industrial applications.

Advantage of the Inolife Disinfection System

  • No chemicals are required by the UV disinfection systems (chlorine,ozon etc).
  • Providing new solutions according to customers' individual requirements.
  • UV disinfection is extremely effective at destroying chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • UV disinfection abandon no additives, no odour and no active pathogens in the water.
  • Eco-friendly and mutely.
  • Easily installed in existing water treatment facilities.
  • Water disinfection in high reliability with less maintenance intervals.
  • Maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.
  • Operating at high temperatures (75 °C)
  • High disinfection efficient depend on the reactor type even high turbidity water.
  • Available with fully automated self-cleaning systems.
  • UV disinfection equipment requires less space than the other methods.
  • UV disinfection has a shorter contact time when compared with other disinfecants.