Water Disinfection Systems For Beverage Industry


With world population growing, demand of feeding the world will be increased. Water is the most important issue of concern because, food and beverage industry are going to be consumed most of water. The beverage industry is a priority user as it plays vital role to manufacture long shelf-life and high quality products with regard to hygiene. The water bottling industry is a highly efficient user of water. The disinfected water are used for bottling and producing beverage. Different kind of disinfections tecnologies are used for industiral applications and sometimes chemicals are used as of auxiliary chemicals. Concurrently, sterilized (decreasing germ concentration ratio) hot process water is needed for production, it causes high energy consumption.


Inolife Technology UV Disinfection Systems provide solution for reliable guality, eco-friendly and more economical solution to use in the beverage industry.


Disinfection of the potable water that will be used in the production (beer, fruit juice, drinking water etc.) for beverage industry.

Disinfection of process water that will be used for bottles and barrels cleaning systems.


  • Disinfection without using chemical additives.
  • Preservation of natural minerals.
  • Water is not changed in either taste and odour.
  • Eco-friendly and mutely.
  • Simple installation and operation.
  • Water disinfection in high reliability with less maintenance intervals.
  • Maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.