Pure Drop- UV Disinfection Systems

Most of the earth consists of water, but 2,5% is fresh water fit for human consumption. Actually, people can use less than %1 of this water. Many people try to access to safe drinking water. Demanding for fresh water is being increased every year. Additionally, water contains dissolved organic minerals and salts. Inolife provides solution for safe and portable water, minerals remain unaffectedly.

Inolife Pure Drop has the most reliable and efficient modern disinfection system in the world. UV disinfection system is composed of active carbon filter, UV-C light and ultrasound system which is supported cleaning and disinfection process. This compact design is ensured immediate and safe disinfection without addition of chemicals, additionally highly effective disinfection regardless of the pH value. The patented combine technology keeps operating costs low while delivering exceptional reliability and performance. The first step of the UV disinfection is eliminating chlorine, antibiotics, pesticides and heavy metals through active carbon filter which has the pore size is between 5-20 micrometer. UV light and ultrasound system operate together and eliminate viruses, bacteries and other pathogens at the rate of 99,99%. Minerals are not affected from disinfection process. Maximum capacity of the system is 200m3. After reaching the maximum capacity of the activated carbon filters should be replaced. The system could disinfect 30 liters water per minute.