Quality&Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy;

Inolife Technology is committed to protect of the environment in order to inherit clean and healthy environment. Our company fulfil the responsibilities national and international environmental regulations and laws for conservation of natural resources and health of global environment.

The principles are adopted by Inolife Technology;

  • Complying all environmental rules and regulations
  • Getting on with continuous improvement of environmental activities
  • Keeping environmental pollution under the control  and preventing pollution at the sources
  • Following scientific research and technological developments to prevent enviromental pollution
  • Minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of production and maximazing energy efficiency at the begining of the design stage.

Quality Policy;

Inolife Technology, which is a company having the patented UV disinfection systems, disinfect process and potable  water microbiologically and  improve the quality in order to fulfil customers needs. As Inolife Technology, concerning about define the customers needs and suggest alternative solutions. Within this scope, we aim to perform sustainability criterias. We concern our main activity which is the manufacture of UV disinfection systems. We also aim to not being foreign-dependency and provide added value for our country and community.

The principles are adopted by Inolife Technology;

  • Maintaining continuous improvement and development activities along with R&D activities
  • Applying all stages of ISO 9001 Quality Management System's for production process
  • Applying the new tecnologies and maintain the best product quality and minimize the number and cost of failures at the fist time
  • Implementing a management system based on ISO 9001Quality Management System that disciplines all processes additionally, Inolife Tecnology aims at maximizing customer satisfaction
  • Improving the system's efficiency and effectiveness so that the continuous improvement of our quality management system