Water Disinfection Systems For Air Humidifiers

Precision interior ambient air conditions control is essential for many different applications such as hospitals, hi-tech applications, cold storage systems, offices etc.The requirement room humidity should be approximately %30-%70 (according to DIN EN 13779) in the buildings. Air conditioning systems are prone to dry air and humidifications are necessary for consistent ambient conditions. There are different kind of humidifiers system such as steaming, spraying, evaporating and atomising. Well-designed humidifiers systems need to use additionally water disinfection systems to minimises the impact of bacteria and respiratory infections.

Legionella pneumophila exits in nature (ponds,lakes and in the soil). It affects people and causes coughing, headache, diarrhoea, muscle aches and can cause respiratory problems. Airborne particles from the water by humidifiers contains bacterium and the concentration of the bacterium is higher than found in nature, it can cause symptoms of the disease. It more commonly affects middle-aged, elderly people and immunocomprised people. The number of bacteria colonial should be less than 1000 CFU/ml and  must not be encountered E.coli and coliform bacterias in the 100 ml water.


Nowadays,humidifiers are used different application areas widely. For example, burn units of hospitals, car manufacturing, cold/food storage&process, cheese maturing, industrial applications etc. There are different humidifiers systems (steaming-spraying etc.) These system are often complex appliances that require specialist attention to prevent outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease.


Inolife Technology disinfection systems are designed to work effectively and eco-friendly, producing no harmful by-products. Our disinfection systems can use combined with humidifiers which can reduce scaling and maintenance interval. Additionally, Uv disinfection systems can overcome the most important problem which is Legionella! The water quality is ensured throughout by improvement of taste, hygiene and above all by permanent availability.


Our UV disinfection systems can be used in combination with humidifier;

Burns units in hospitals

Advanced-technology applications

Cold storage units in the food and beverage industry

Paper mills


Dyeing Plants


  • Disinfection without using chemical additives.
  • Preservation of natural minerals.
  • No unpleasent taste and odour.
  • Eco-friendly and mutely.
  • Easily installed within existing water treatment facilities.
  • Water disinfection in high reliability with less maintenance intervals.
  • Maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.