Key Components of the Inolife UV Disinfection Systems

Inolife offers wide range of UV disinfection systems for waste water, drinking water and process water. Inolife Aqualight disinfection system is the most efficient, advanced and modern system in the world. Inolife disinfection system is provided chemical-free, environmentally friendly and sustainable method for killing pathogens. Inolife can specialize optimal solutions for customer requirements. Well-designed disinfection system is tested by autonomous establishments and patented in national and foreign institutions.

The Key Component of the System

UV Reactor Chamber: External body is made out of hard PVC, reactor chamber is constructed of EN 1.4307/ AISI 304L stainless steel which can resist to corrosion. The reactor is housed UV lamps&sleeves.

UV Lamps and Quartz Sleeve: UV source of the reactor is included low-pressure amalgam lamps. Power of the lamp is 51 Watts. UV lamp have special internal coating and each lamp absorbed approximately 145 W electric power. They control with the ballast system which is protected from electrical transients whole system. Quartz sleeves provide thermal protection for the UV lamps.

UV sensor: UV sensor provides continous control of the lamps. Sensor is very important component to control disinfection efficiency.

Ultrasound System: Ultrasound generator is operated 40kHz frequency. This system has a fixed 40kHz to enhance disinfection efficiency and performance of the cleaning system.

Control Panel: Control panel is designed in accordance CE directives. All UV functions and dosing are controlled by control panel. Additionally, if the device pass over alarm limits, it can be warn. GSM module can integrate the system.

Cleaning Tank: Tank has the special cleaning solution. Automatic cleaning system is activated when the quartz glasses get dirty. The program  is operating between 20-60 minutes depend on the pollution rate. Program returns back the disinfection process after cleaning all system.

Carbon Filter: Activated carbon filters are effective to reduce organical chemicals and chlorine in the water. Filters are made out of different materials and having different pore sizes depend on the applications. Activated carbon filters are used in our disinfection system. Filter pore size is changeable in the range of 5-20 micrometer.

Cooling System: Cooling system can be integrated of our disinfection system depend on temperature of process or potable water.