Water Disinfection Systems For Zoos and Artificial Ponds


Zoos and aquariums always have odour problem resulting from animals excrements. Healthy home ranges in zoos for fishes and other water animals require both salt and fesh water which are similar their natural habitats. Consequently, water of aquariums, pools and artificial ponds are disinfected to protect against infection of animals.Additionally,these facilities have always problem removing algea which causes low level of dissolved oxygen. Water should disinfected with the circulation continously to solve this problems. Chemical compounds wouldn't be used these kind of facilities because of harmful for other microorganisms and animals. Considerable cost and superior technical effort need to spent disinfected water for these kind of facilities.


Inolife Technology UV Disinfection Systems don't effect eco-system because of chemical free. UV disinfection also provides the highest safety against infections of sensitive animals.


Artificial pond and lakes

Large salt and fresh water aquariums



  • UV disinfection without using chemical additives.
  • Water is not changed in either taste and odour.
  • Eco friendly and mutely disinfection systems.
  • Water disinfection in high reliability with less maintenance.
  • Healthy animals
  • Lower risk of animal sickness because of chemical-free UV disinfection systems.
  • Maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.
  • Simple installation and operation.