Water Disinfection Systems For Car Washing Systems

UV light and ultrasound technology is the best combination with each other to disinfect potable and process water by microbiologically for using car washing systems. Many car wash operators have the traditional technology to treat the process water. The process water, which is used car wash operations, has the organic matter.  This organic matter consist of oils, hydrocarbons, cleaning agents and solvents. This traditional treatments can not be successful separately. High standart quality water should be obtained from the process water. Existing systems can not respond intended needs. These systems can not disinfect completely the process water by microbiologically because of the turbity of water.

There are now new legal necessities for car wash operators to add additional technologies to treat odours and bacterias causing contaminants in the process and potable water. According to the new legal requirements, tretaining conditions of health for customers and employees should be eliminated and specified hygiene requirements.


Requirement of new fashioned car washing systems is disinfected process water by microbiologically, which is reused in the washing process through circulating. These kind of washing facilities need disinfected water. The amount of the fresh water (15-50lt) depends on size of the vehicles. The parameters of turbidity, contamination and odour should be range of permissible limits legally.


Inolife Technology UV Disinfection Systems provide new solutions for reliable quality, eco-friendly and more economical solution to use in the industrial application which is car-train-bus- tramway washing systems.


Disinfection of the potable and process water including medicine and antibiotics. (Preventive of Legionella Bacterias)

Disinfection of circulated process water that will be used for car-bus-train and tramway washing systems.

Disinfection of high turbidity potable and process water.


  • Disinfection without using chemical additives.
  • Preservation of natural minerals.
  • No unpleasent taste and odour.
  • Eco-friendly and mutely.
  • Easily installed within existing water treatment facilities.
  • Water disinfection in high reliability with less maintenance intervals.
  • Maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption,
  • UV disinfection is extremely effective at destroying  Legionella bacterias.