Water Disinfection Systems For Hotels&Resorts


Clean and hygienic water is priorty for hotels and resorts in terms of guests satisfaction. Water treatment is the most important particulaly in the tropical regions and southern because of temperature rising. Pathogens are increased significantly with rising temperature. Disinfecting water with chlorine is traditional technique but it may be caused health problems. Using chlorine can be occured hazardous chlorine compounds such as chloroform and chloride.


Inolife Technology disinfection systems are designed to work effectively and eco-friendly, producing no harmful by-products. Hotels and resorts quality determines the guest's satisfaction. Our UV disinfection system can overcome the most important problem which is Legionella! The water quality is ensured throughout by improvement of taste, hygiene and above all by permanent availability.


Water treatment for pool and wellness area

Usage for the equipment is produced ice cubes

Water treatment for kitchen and laundary

Drinking water supply in the hotels





  • No chemicals are required by the UV disinfection systems.
  • UV disinfection is extremely effective at destroying chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • UV disinfection abandon no additives, no odour and no active pathogens
  • Protection against Legionella.
  • Eco-friendly and mutely.
  • Simple installation and operation.
  • Water disinfection in high reliability with less maintenance intervals.
  • Maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.