Water Disinfection Systems For Nursing Homes


People, who are elderly and weakened immune system, should be protected in the nursing and residential care homes against bacterial pathogens. Legionnaires' diseases is serious in elderly and infirm patients. Legionella bacterias can cause fatal pneumonia. People become infecting by inhaling aerosols containing bacterial pathogens. Consequently, air conditioning systems and showers are spesific risk areas. Water disinfection is very hard to ensuring safely drinking and potable water.


Inolife Technology offers extremly new and reliable solution for disinfection of water. Bacterias have include endotoxins which can be resisted pharmaceutical products. Inolife Technology disinfection systems could reduce endotoxin ratios below the limit values (0,06 EU/ml). This ratio always should be lower than 0,25 EU/ml accordiing to European norms.


Disinfection of drinking water

Disinfection water for domestic water

Disinfection of liquid for using medical purpose

Disinfection of waste water including medicine and antibiotics


  • Secure elimination of germs with uniform and clear water flow,
  • Installation and operation without problems,
  • High economic efficiency
  • No requirement of chemical additives such as chlorine,ozon etc,
  • Eco-friendly technology,
  • Preservation of natural minerals.
  • Water is not changed in either taste and odour.